You're probably wondering WHY we changed our site to this Empower Network blogging platform and have these funny tabs under the banner. Yes, this IS different from ANYTHING you've ever seen...

This blogging platform is WAY easier, more powerful, and quicker to get content out to you, even from our phone, so we switched!

We also thought we'd 'pay it forward' by showing other snowboarders how to make money with a BLOG, working from home at night after snowboarding, so you don't have to have a crappy job all damn day for the rest of your life!
You don't want to be like the rest of these jokers, do you?

Take a look at this chart below. Let it sink in because these are the statistics of income for 100 people at the age of 65. This is what happens if you keep taking the "normal" route. What it really says is that if you keep doing average things that "everyone else" does, (having a normal 9 to 5 job making someone ELSE rich), then you have a 94% chance of being either DEAD or DEAD-BROKE....
So join all of us in this movement of anti-(job)slavery!

This is the newschool way to create income and have an amazing lifestyle by sharing your passions. It's an extremely simple system you will follow that will teach you how to do what you LOVE, blog and create content about it, add value, help people, and GET MONEY.
If you have to work and chase money all day at some crappy dead-end job, then you can't snowboard, and you'll have no extra money and no free time to help ANYONE ELSE! 

If you don't understand the freedom that making an income from your laptop or mobile phone can give you, then you'll be stuck in the broke and struggling "rat race" for the rest of your life. You most definitely don't want that, do you?
So don't be a wuss. It's only a video with FREE information. Be courageous and take a risk to get the reward. The reward will be your FREEDOM! So click here on show me how to SHARE my passions, be a rockstar BLOG BEAST, and make assloads of MONEY, NOW! You'll thank yourself (and us) later!
Ending the job/small business slavery, one by one, MFMandFAM!

P.S. - Seriously though...