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Dylan's Real Snow part, sick!  Winter is coming!  Who's ready? Wanna ride more and work less?  Hit me up!

Check out Stevie's full part from Forum's Vacation.  He's finally taking off his wife beater!

My story: Paid to snowboard? YES! 

When I got my first check from snowboarding, I made the decision right there that this was my "way out", and it was what I wanted to do with my life. I had no idea how business worked, and I was young, dumb, and full of c*m, so I didn't care. I was just happy to not have a job, taking orders from shmucks, slaving away in a building, building a dream for someone else, struggling in a 9 to 5, and getting taxed to death from every pay check. I was so glad I didn't "do what I was told" and  listen to everyone tell me to go to school to get the "safe secure job". I was a skater, and thought DIFFERENT, and always wanted to take a different route than the "normal", what everyone else does.

No  (Old) "School" Education, A SELF Education

As I completely ditched college to move up into the mountains and went after my passion, (a snowboarding life), I didn't like what wealthy skiers thought about "dumb snowboard bums" and how they always cracked jokes about us being broke couch surfers. I didn't want to be thought of as ignorant, so I started self-educating, reading books and going to wealth seminars. No "school" books, but wealth & leadership books - there's a HUGE difference. They say " A school education will make you a living, but a self-education will make you a FORTUNE.". I didn't get that saying back then, but now I do. As I "did what others aren't willing to do, to get what they'll never have", I "paid the price" and worked hard to grow into a Pro Snowboarder, living every dream I ever had. I traveled the world, with total freedom, tons of money, doing what I wanted, with who I wanted, whenever I wanted! (Or at least it seemed like that!)

"Don't Do That. That's A Stupid Idea. It's Not Going To Work."

Now, if I would have listened to my family (and everyone else), giving their free advice, "what the hell are you gonna do with that stupid skateboard?", "Don't do that, It's not gonna work!", and "You need to go to school and get a safe secure job", well geez, I would have slaved away the last 20 years inside of some insanely depressing building, working indoors doing overtime, building someone else's dreams! I'm so glad I didn't "do what I was told" like 95% of people do. Can you see how those who might think they are "helping" you or "protecting" you, should not be giving you their "business advice", and it may not be such a good idea to listen to them if they don't have the life you want, or are not educated on the subject?

Watch who you learn from. It could be COSTLY.

I learned very quickly:
If you want to be a plumber, go to a plumber for advice. If you want to be a doctor, go to a doctor for advice. But if you want to have a life of abundance, only take advice from people with abundance, and don't ever, EVER, listen to or take business advice from broke people or people who do not have abundance of time or money!

Why You May Need To Know...

As I started to make the "big bucks" and the companies were giving me so called "royalties", having my name and likeness on snowboards, goggles, bindings, boots, gloves, etc., I knew it was a bit "off", or fishy.
If I would not have been educated with a financial IQ, (and most pro snowboarders are not), I would not have been paid what I was worth, and would have ended up with nothing at the end of my career, (like 95% of professional athletes do).
You see, what pro snowboarders are paid on their "signature models" is not royalties at all. Royalties are what Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are paid. They are actually dead and STILL get paid, every year. This is called residual income, (not linear income). 98% of traditional business owners and employees work for linear income.

Linear vs. Residual Income

Now, when a pro snowboarder stops snowboarding, they STOP getting paid. This is the same as an employee. At best, that equation would be called "Linear Royalties", but that would be kind of like an oxymoron -- Moron being the key word.
If a pro athlete doesn't show up and work or "do what they're told", they get CUT.  No more contract. No more dough. Linear income. When the career is done, the money is done. Back to a regular job or traditional business - still linear. The only thing that getting paid $10 dollars per board as a "pro rider" with a signature model could be called is "getting paid commissions" from a board as long as you're working. Most definitely NOT ROYALTIES.

Riders, don't get it twisted. Yes, we get to "live the dream" for a few years, and I'm so grateful for that. Snowboarding and skateboarding changed my life forever and I love it more than anything still to this day. It showed me a different path, and exposed me to the world.

But don't be fooled into thinking the companies care too much about you. It's about business, profit, and employees of the company keeping their jobs. As soon as you're older, you'll be cut from the team, and if you didn't invest in yourself to be educated in business and have a "plan B", you'll be toast.

Nobody wants a J.O.B.  (Just Over Broke)

Did you know: Pro snowboarders actually snowboard LESS when they turn pro? Yep. If you don't show up to photo shoots, you're cut. If you don't show up to autograph sessions, cut! If you just go out and "ride pow" with your friends too much, and you don't WORK to get the shot on too many good powder days, cut!
When I finally realized that I didn't like companies asking me to do things I didn't feel like doing, I knew it was just another "job", making someone else rich!

I was at the bottom of another corporate pyramid, flossing off the crumbs these corporate "skier" suits were dropping for me, like everyone else. I hate being "normal" like everyone else, so I immediately quit my energy drink sponsor and started building my own home businesses. These companies use us athletes to push their nasty products on people, branding it so heavy that 13 year olds thinks it's cool to drink!
Everybody thought I was crrrazy when I started preaching and promoting awareness, health-wise and financially, but again, I didnt' care! All of a sudden I wasn't "the cool guy" but instead, I was made fun of behind my back.
It's a good thing I don't care about what people think about me, and actually, that was always one of my best skills, and a very important key to your success. You must go after what YOU believe in, not what others think - they are not paying your bills. Once you let go of your ego, caring about what other people might think about you, and go after what is important in your life, success can occur.

Did you know:
Up to 95% of pro athletes have gone bankrupt within 5 years of not being a pro athlete, because they had "tunnel vision", living the dream, and didn't set up Plan B! If you don't have a plan for your time, your money, and your life, then someone else will! We spend our whole career making other people rich and most never figure out how to set themselves up. I believe every pro should be able to RETIRE when they're finished, but sadly, most won't realize it until it's too late. They should be compensated for all the broken bones and hard work they've done, pushing their limits to inspire and innovate, but instead, they have to go back to "reality", working, chasing money in the rat race. YOU should be paid what you're worth, for all of your hard work, but instead, you they will pay you the least amount of money for the most amount of work, because the company you work for is designed that way - to make as much PROFIT as possible.


How To Keep (Or Create) A Different Lifestyle Of Freedom


So you must decide, now:
What kind of life do you want? What is your plan to get it? This is why my partners and I do what we do. We help educate and teach business owners and employees  in all industries how to create freedom, financially, so they don't have to work their job or business until they're dead. 94% of people will be either dead or dead-broke by age 65, simply because they've been programmed to "do what they're told" their whole life, working a "normal" job or "traditional" business that keeps them busy, indoors, and away from their passions.
Doctors, lawyers, and store owners are all in the same boat - if they stop working, they stop getting paid, so if they don't learn how to build assets for leveraged residual income, they'll be working for a very very long time, spending their whole life working, instead of living.

So now, if you're a snowboarder, and owned by your job or business and want to learn more, do some searching on my business freedom blog here.

If you're interested in learning how to create extra channels of income from home, or how to build leveraged residual income in business, you can contact me HERE, I want to hear your story!

And finally, if you want to watch a free valuable video on how NOT to be broke and tired, watch this video I cut.
Here's to your journey.
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